Welding custom model animation trouble

I am trying to animate rigs; I have many bug-like rigs that are animated besides this one and this is the only one that I seem to have this issue with. None of the rig parts are anchored to cause it to not want to move, but every time I try to adjust the torso in any way, I get this behavior.

This happens when you try to move the root part of an assembly. For example, you cannot move the HumanoidRootPart of an R6 or R15 rig. In your case, that is the part described in the video.

The part I am moving is the Torso, not the RootPart.

I see. In that case, you need to make the RootPart the determined root part of the assembly. This is because the weld’s parent is the root part when it shouldn’t be, or when it is the Part1 of a weld.

Wdym? The root part is seen in the middle of that photo, it is the small part. I have a weld in the root part connecting it to the torso.

You set up the root part correctly, but the motor 6D doesn’t think it’s the root part for some reason. I fixed this issue before by changing the way the motor 6Ds are connected by swapping Part0 and Part1.

That just makes the torso not selectable