Welding Parts to handle causes weird player movement

So I have a sword tool with a Handle.

The “fxbox” holds particle emitters and other effects, it’s welded to the main handle via Motor6D.

The problem is when I equip the tool, I get weird player movement. Everything is unanchored. I tried using regular welds and WeldConstraint but nothing seemed to work.


I’m not an expert with welding but have you tried parenting the fbox to the main tool and then welding it to the handle

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Sorry if I didn’t elaborate, the fxbox is welded to the main handle, not the players hand.

That was a mistake on my end I meant to say handle

I tried it now and it doesn’t work

The sword doesn’t work or youre still have the same problem?

The same problem, when I moved the fxbox under the tool instead of handle, the player kept moving in weird directions

if possible can you send a video and did you turn off cancollide for the fxpart and handle

Can collide is turned off for both instances.

Remove the particle part from the tool so we can see if that’s the problem

I removed the particles and got the same problem

Can you show me all the children of the tool

If I remove the fxbox the sword behaves normally, so thats how I know the problem is with the part.

Try these:
Handle.RootPriority = -1
fxBox.Massless = true
fxBox.RootPriority = -2

Try removing the fxbox and the attachments maybe

I tested Masless and it works, thanks for the help @Sindious @KutayX7

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not a problem, I thought of that but I figured it wouldn’t make a difference

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@Interactivated and @KutayX7 as well.

It’s funny, I’ve seen a couple of posts just today about this same subject.

ANY TIME you add an object with mass to a Humanoid it affects the Humanoid’s physics. You have to make the Massless Property true for them not to affect it.

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