Welding to the player

Hi so I have this stand it has a proximity prompt and I want it to put armour on them (R6). There is more info below and then some of what me and my friends have tried.


We have tried multiple variations of this script as well as weld and WeldConstraint.
Our current script is:

local Server = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local ProxPrompt = script.Parent


    local armor = game.ServerStorage:FindFirstChild("ChestplateWEAR"):clone()
    local limb = player.Character.Torso
    local att = Instance.new("Attachment")
    local att2 = Instance.new("Attachment")
    --got the attachments--
    local weld1 = Instance.new("Motor6D")
    armor.Parent = workspace
    weld1.Name = "Armor"
    weld1.Parent = limb
    att.Name "Weld"
    att.Parent = limb
    att2.Parent = armor.Torso
    att2.Name = "Weld"
    --assigned welds--
    weld1.Part0 = limb.Weld
    weld1.Part1 = armor.Torso.Weld
    weld1.Enabled = true

This is what happens:
(Cancolide problem is fixed it is not being welded is the problem)
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Any help is very much apricated!

I personally wouldn’t weld things to the player. I recommend using accesories.

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How would I do that? I’ve not used accessories before.

Well, you need to name the main part of your accesory “Handle” and assign it an attachment to link it to the same name attachment on the player. (I.e. NeckRigAttachment)

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Here’s a developer hub article, Accessories.

And you don’t need to add Attachments and Motor6Ds as well. As @SloppyBanana225 said, the Attachments are already there in the body parts.
Motor6Ds are moveable welds for animating anyway.

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Hi, Ive tried it and its kind of worked but I can’t get it right its either to low or too high? Is there a way to create custom attachments?

Nevermind, I just needed to move the attachment down. Thanks for the help!

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