(WE'RE BACK!) FitProxy - Webhook Proxy


Hi guys!

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m F1T, a Roblox user since 2007, and I’ve been scripting since 2009.

I’ve recently noticed downtimes in services like Hyra, so I decided to make my own Discord webhook proxy called FitProxy.

It works the same as Hyra or other common webhook proxies, however I have even applied evasive HTTP headers to avoid detection by Discord.

Also, the service only works for game servers to protect privacy of users testing in Studio, so I recommend wrapping calls to your webhook in protected calls (pcalls) or using RunService:IsStudio() to exclude studio from sending requests.

We use forced SSL, and don’t keep any logs of any requests sent, so our proxy is the best choice for you and your team.


Just take your Discord Webhook URL, example:


and replace it with:


Rate Limits:

Discord Webhook service:
Standard Discord rate limits


Does this proxy have documentation on its ratelimits?

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I use webhooks a lot for so many unnecessary reasons because I just enjoy opening from discord rather than the website due to convenience(it’s a bad habit and yes i’m lazy). Thanks for making this, I’ll test it out and should provide feedback relatively soon.

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Could you link this ‘fandom article’, I was unable to find it via a Google search at-all.

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Ah, so you accept requests to every Roblox web api!?

Sorry about that, we had some minor issues with our backend. Should be all up and running again now.


Very nice. Been looking for something like this to work with, good job you did there! :clap:

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I would make the webhookId in a header as theyre more secure than being in plain url.

You can’t secure it much, it’s still gotta be written in a script, like it or not, so there’s no point in doing this.

We don’t log headers or URLs accessed on our site at all, so there is ultimately no need for this.

Just keep your webhook ID to yourself and you won’t have any issues.

Nonono, thats not what i mean, what i mean is javascript - How to get a list of URLs of all included/used files of webpage? - Stack Overflow

So they can get all webhook urls and abuse them. correct me if im wrong.
headers are more secure regardless

They can’t get webhook URLs this way, as they are randomly generated by Discord.

Is this a rotating proxy so that it won’t get rate limited if a lot of users are using it?

URL parameters are as secure as headers as both are encrypted when using a SSL connection

they arent using query parameters

Wops, sorry I meant to say url parameters. Fixed.

What would we do without you

(char limit)

cool app but you should really improve the ejs or html


Uodate your webhook urls accordingly!

Our new endpoint is fitproxy.simulhost.com

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The service only works for game servers now to protect your privacy, as studio can leak your IP address.

We use forced SSL, and don’t keep any logs of any requests sent, so our proxy is the best choice for you and your team.