West Oahu, HI // Update V1.09 Changelogs

WEST OAHU, HI - UPDATE 1.09 CHANGELOG - 11/15/2022


Changed the Old Name “Waipahu Beta” to “West Oahu, HI.”
(this name change was due to roblox deeming the word “Waipahu” Innapropiate)
Changed from Beta Stage to Alpha Stage Due to the Map and Game Not Being FULLY Playable.


- Map Expansion!
Explore the New Area Down Past the New Aloha Gas Station!
Prop Buildings And Expansion Until The In-The-Making Waipahu Intermediate School!

- New Map Additions!
Find All New/Modified Props and New Features Around the Map!
Props and New Scenery Features From The Dealership To The New Area!

- New And Remodeled Buildings!
Remodeled The Following:

  • Honolulu Police Station, Fully Remodeled Interior and Exterior
  • Honolulu Fire Station 12, Fully Remodeled Exterior and Interior (thanks to @Itz_Phoenix)
  • Dealership, Now Called “Aloha Cya” With A Fully Remodeled Interior and Parcially Redone Exterior!
    Added The Following:
  • Aloha Gas Station
  • “damaz” (Mazda) Dealership (prop building)
  • HC Drive Inn And Surrounding Stores (prop buildings)
  • Finished Procom Plaza (prop/interior buildings)
  • Longs Drugs Exterior (in-progress)
  • 2 Contruction Sites Around The Map
  • Multiple Prop Buildings (no texture, but coming soon)

Changed Multiple Existing Props Around The Map.


- New HPD Features!
Added The Following:

  • MDT Tablet (not working properly)
  • AXON X2 Taser (working with ragdoll)
  • HPD Uniforms

Use Code: “UPDATEV1.09” For $ 1,000,000,000 IGC !! This Is To Show My Appreciation For The People That Waited For This Update!
This Code Will Expire 11/19/22 , So Act Fast!

There Are Some Other Codes That Will Be Announced Via Our Social Media Accounts!!!

- Added Settings !!

  • Global Shadows Setting
  • Dynamic Clouds Setting

All Settings Currently Don’t Save. (future feature)

- Added Notifications !!
You Now Will Get Notifications For Certain Things That Happen In-Game! More To Come…

- Updated Game Graphics! There Is Some New Looks To In-Game!
- Added A New Badge: Alpha Player! You Will Recieve This Badge Upon Joining The Game!
- Changed Certain UIs Slightly!
- Fixed Traffic Lights Bugging In Full Graphics Mode!
- Added Back The Mobile Specifc MainUI!


- Added and Modified Multiple Vehicles!
Added The Following Civilian Cars:

  • 2021 Toyota Tundra Stock (motified comming soon)
  • 1998 Toyota Tacoma Stock & Motified Lifted
  • Golf Cart Lifted
    Added The Following Emergency Cars:
  • 2020 Ford F150 HFD RRV
  • 2019 Pierce Quantum Pumpder HFD Engine 12
  • 2019 Pierce Quantum Quint HFD Tower 12
    Modified The Following Cars:
  • 2020 Ford Tarus HPD
  • 2020 Ford Tarus HPD
  • 2020 Toyota 4Runner HPD

You Have Some Time… Goes Offsale 11/30/22 !!


End Notes/Annoucements:

Please Report All Bugs Or Any Suggestions!
Update V1.09 Is One Of The Biggest Updates Ever, So Maybe Tell Some Friends!

There Are Some Things That Are Most Likely Not Listed In The Update Logs Due To Me Not Getting Caught Up With Changes. Go Find Them Out!

I Will Be Focusing And Prioritizing Map Development Further On, So Other Stuff May Be Put On Hold.

THANK YOU EVERYONE, For Supporting The Development Of West Oahu, HI. And Anykine Studios Group. See You All Next Update!! Mahalo.

Anykine Studios Group. 2022 (CC-BY-NC-SA)
West Oahu, HI. (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Solo Developed And Owned By @aswdgsagdb


  • Update Looks Awesome!
  • Update Could Need Some Work.

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Version 1.09.1 - First Bugs

  • Semi-Fixed Lag (anchored all workspace parts)
  • Fixed Badge Awarding

Version Number Will Not Be Changed In-Game, Since These Were UnNoticeable Bugs

Version 1.09.2 - Major Lag Reduction (Patch 1/infinite)

  • Removed MULTIPLE Duplicated Parts Of The Map.

This Lag Problem Will Also Be Patched On Upcoming Updates, And Will Happen Along The Month Possibly Without Notice.

Version 1.09.3 - TheBus Remodels!

  • FULLY REDONE TheBus Modern And Rainbow!
    Includes New Features, Textures, Interactive Parts, Sounds, And More!
  • REDONE The Loading Screen With A New Look And Real Time Content Provider PreLoadAsync!

Other Changes:

  • REMOVED Code “UPDATEV1.09”. This Code Is No Longer Attainable In Version 1.09.3.
  • ADDED Code "THEBUS’ for $50,000 IGC. This Is A Forever-Lasting Code.

Please Report Any Bugs To Our Official Server. Mahalo!

Version 1.09.4 - Small Christmas/New Years Update!

Whats New In This Update:

  • Added Festive Chirstmas Decor Only To The Dealership!
  • Added 2 New Codes! Use Code “CHRISTMAS2022” for 22,000 IGC! And Use Code “NEWYEARS23” for 23,000 IGC!

Other Improvements:

  • Made TheBus Kneel Smoother.
  • Made Changes To Vehicle Spawner Frame, Now Is Improved For People That Own Many Cars.

Forgot To Mention*
People That Owned The Old Buses Can Still Spawn Them Via The Spawner Frame.

Please Report Any Bugs Or Suggestions You Find In Our Official Server. Mahalo!

Mele Kalikimaka And Happy New Years From Anykine Studios!\


Version 1.09.5 - Fireworks!

  • Added Fireworks Randomly Around The Map To Go Off Every 100 Seconds Or So.
  • Added A Firework Placement UI, You Can Now Place Fireworks By Yourself, And Ignite Them By Clicking On It!

I will Add A Live Event Soon For New Years. Get Ready For An Awesome Firework Display!

Version 1.09.6 - New Years Post Update

Whats New In This Update:

  • Removed Random Fireworks Around The Map
  • Removed Christmas Decorations From The Dealership
  • Removed Code “CHRISTMAS2022”
  • Added Code “3K” for 3,000 IGC! (Long Lasting Code)

Other Improvements:

  • Kept The Fireworks Placement Tool, Now It Is Located In The Bottom Right Corner Of Your Screen, “Civilian Tools”

My Final Notes Of 2022:

Thank You Everyone For Supporting Anykine Studios And Our Development This Past Year. Looking At Everything We Have Accomplished This Year, I Am Very Proud And Happy. Going Into Roblox Development I Never Thought I Would Make It This Far, But Then Here I Am. Thank You EVERYONE, And Have A Great 2023 Year, And Make This Year The Best.

Matthew (aswdgsagdb)