Westbound 2 Leak Scene

Scene: The New Frontier

Modeled in Blender
Textured in Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset

Leak for the new westbound game seen on the photos on the table.

Time spent: 28 hours



Woah. If this is going to be a game I definitely play it.

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I love it! This is amazing! I love the creativity, effort, commitment and the realism to this scene. Great job, keep up the work!:star_struck::+1:

I’ve been recently getting into modelling so seeing this is inspiring!

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Something like this took 28 hours, and no surprise.
Lemme be honest with you: It’s… AWESOME
I’m your biggest fan now. Keep it up, and I want to see more from you!!!

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Please read the description, Westbound is a game on roblox and I work at the studio as a 3d artist https://www.roblox.com/games/2474168535/Westbound

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Wow. I have no words on this scene but the detail of it looks amazing.

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Very beautiful work, can’t wait to see the whole process of the game.

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pretty epic. i started playing westbound 2 days ago wait is westbound 2 coming out wait did you make westbound 1 omgomg

Wow, That is an amazing Scene.

Wow , those look so realistic…