Western Cuesta- A ROBLOX Deathrun Map-Looking for Feedback and Suggestions

first topic which I can make lol
Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I am here. Recently, I decided to make a map for a game called Deathrun. Here are some screenshots of the map. Feedback/Suggestions are appreciated.

Pictures of the map:-
Beginning of the map[FIRST AREA-3 TRAPS]-


Part count: Around 7.5k
Unique mesh count:4(the maximum is 5 BTW)
Map link(no its not a model):
Night time:(not that its not going to receive anymore updates)



oh i played it a while ago it is good, but i dont like the water meaterial


Hello! Good job so far. However, there can be a few improvements. I’ll list a few of my thoughts below:

  • I agree with @ResultDev, I feel like the water should have a different texture/material.

  • In case you are unaware, you can easily get into the area where you activate the traps. You can also get onto the upper parts of a map. If you need me to, I can show images of these areas.

  • I feel like the bridges can use some more work. To me, the few wooden planks do not go with the map. The bridge supports could also be worked on, so it looks more like the bridge on the left in the second photo.

  • Currently, the lasers do not fit in with the western style. It looks like they’ll be worked on, however if not, they just stop in the middle of the air.

  • Whether it’s just on your screen as a plugin, I cannot see the UI on the left. If you made it as a UI, you can use this plugin to properly scale it.

Other than that, good work! Is the second room going to be some sort of factory, or are you going for a barn type look?


Thanks for taking out your time to give feedback to the map.

I added teleport tool on purpose. I’ll remove it once map is done.

Apparently, those aren’t laser, they aren’t meant to be there but the thing is, it is like this in deathrun(for the killer only)

It’s a plugin. triangle studio

It’s a stable.(I should probably put a banner over there at the overhung roof, saying that its a stable)

I quite agree to this point that the water isn’t good, I should use beams to make it animated+custom textures.

I should actually change them, you’re right.


SO, based on the feedback I did some updates to the map.
1)Bridge is updated and now looks better than ever.(imo)
2)Added a new decorative deadbush!
3)Banner for the stable.
4) More works inside the stable.

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It looks nice! I would say the water material needs improvement though. When pbr comes out I’d just grab a texture or something.


Night time:-


Which one should I continue with:-

  • Night time
  • Day time

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EDIT: I realized the sunrise time for this map is fabulous

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Have you considered doing a sunset thing?
That might work better.


The map received a huge update.

  1. Barrels!
  2. Hay there Haybales!
  3. Sunrise Lighting
  4. Works inside the stable(its still WIP and I have to break it down >:)
  5. Lanterns
    and much more

again i think you didnt changed the water material and yeah one more thing

New Project (1)

i think its really burning my character out so yeah if you want help i can make my showcase uncopylocked which might help u.And maybe a sun shine effect?

the showcase link : https://www.roblox.com/games/5856089212/Showcase and yeah this games has dislikes so you can maybe fix some things which made people dislike this game?

It’s a map for another game… NOT A SHOWCASE!
Ok. I am sorry
But is not really meant to be like just focusing on sunlight and the lighting of deathrun is voxel, so I have to work with that.
And may I get to know what to fix???(for me the water material is still okay and not really many people in deathrun community talked about it, so what should I do in that case?)

oh i knew but i was saying to lower down the brightness and the show case doesnt lag.

i have mentioned it but the map looks great!

umm i think instead of getting advise from devs maybe get a advice from the players?

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Beautiful. I see nothing wrong with it. This probably won’t get into the game, as you probably can’t submit maps, but if it did, i think It would be an amazing map to play.

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I currently sadly discontinued it because, it didn’t have much potential sadly.
But to clear your doubt, you can actually submit maps in deathrun by going to their discord server.

Server link(read rules though before joining, obviously)

Deathrun Community

But hey, I have decided to make another one.

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WHAAAAAT!? THAT IS AWESOME!!! I’M STARTING A MAP RIGHT NOW. Deathrun is my favorite game, and if a map I made got into it… Wow. I would be speechless.