Western Hotels & Resorts | Temporary Training Guide

Western Hotels & Resorts | Training guide

General Information

This training guide includes the scripts for all roles apart of a training session. The words that are in bold are instructions/notes and the words in italics are things you must say.

Here are some of the rules regarding a normal training session:

  1. You must have a ranker present during the entire session.
  2. Staff rules and Public Rules still apply in the training game.
  3. You must shout on the group page and communications server 20 minutes prior to the session, and slock the game as soon as the established time is reached
  4. If no one comes to the training session 5 minutes after the established time, cancel the session and post that it has been canceled on the discord and group page
  5. ALL trainees and spectators must use PTS (Permission To Speak)
  6. Training should only be 45-50 minutes long at most


Role Name Role Description Rank Required Amount Required
Host You will lead the session and manage all of the staff within the game. General Manager + 1
Co-Host Helps lead and manage the session. Shift Manager+ 1
Ranker Ranks trainees if they have passed the session. Board of Directors + 1-3
Trainer You will train the trainees, and ultimately deciding if the pass/fail the session Shift Manager + Enough to train all trainees
Spectator You will spectate and learn from other staff, so that when you get to the rank of trainer you know what to do! The host can allow MRs to spectate. 1-4
Trainee You are going to be trained! Awaiting Training - Department head Enough to fill one server
Host Script

Hello! Welcome to the Western Hotels training center! My name is [Host name] and I will be your host.

Before we start this session, there are a couple of things I need to go over,

I) PTS is enabled and all staff, besides myself, our Co-Host and the Ranker, must be using it.

II) If you fail this session do not be discouraged, there will be another session where you can have another try to be promoted.

III) Everyone shall be respectful to each other.

IV) All trainees must be present at all times, if you are found AFK you will be removed from the server.

V) Dress code: You must not wear any crazy/large hats and no clothes that are “revealing” or say inappropriate things on them.

VI) Trolling is not allowed in any of our games, and it will not be tolerated.

Trainers are required to do the following with the trainees: Greeting Test, Grammar Test, Order test, and Troll test.

Co-Host Script

Hello! I am your Co-host [Co-Host Name], and I’m going to go over the rules about dealing with trolls.

When dealing with a troll you need to do the following:

  • Give them three warnings formatted in this way, “Warning 1 - (Reason)”
  • After three warnings, you will need to call MR/HR to kick that user.
Host Script 2

Thank you for listening to our introductions! We will now begin this session!

All trainers please begin heading to your stations, trainees please wait here (PTS is still enabled).

HOST and CO-HOST now begin teleporting the trainees to random trainers to begin the training process. After all trainees have been teleported, HOST and CO-HOST manage staff and make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to.

Trainer - Barista Script

*Greetings! Thanks for coming to Western Hotel’s Training Session! My name is ****, and I will be training you for today!

There will be a total of IV Tests. Which I will be explaining as we get to them, ready to start?

We will begin this session with the greeting test.

A greeting is a formal and welcoming phrase used make a customer feel warm and welcomed.

It also can help the employee maintain professionalism and portray someone who a good and hard worker.

Here is an example of a greeting: “Hello, and welcome to Western Hotels! My name is Sim, how may I help you today?”

Now, please show me yours. I suggest copying and pasting it for ease of access.

Congratulations, you have passed the Greeting Test! You have completed I/IV tests!

We will now begin the grammar portion.

In this portion I will ask you a question that you will need to respond to with correct grammar.

You sentence must include capitalizing of letters and correct punctuation!

“hELLoo? welCOME 2 wEasTERN HuOteaALS”


Congratulations, you have passed the Grammar Test! You have completed II/IV tests!

We will now begin the Order Test! Please treat me as a customer by stating your greeting and completing my order when asked.


Hello, could I get a Chocolate Milkshake and doritos, please?

Thank you!

Congrats, you have passed the Order Test! You have completed III/IV tests!

We will now move on to the Troll Test!


In summary of the Aroma Coffee rules and guidelines, give trolls III warnings before getting an MR/HR to kick them.

For the test, just say ‘Gets MR/HR’. Ready to begin?

Congratulations! You have passed the Troll Test, which means you’ve passed the session!

Please stay online until the ranker dismisses you, saying that you have been ranked. It was a pleasure training you!

Congrats on passing! Please wait someone ranks you. Once again, thanks for attending today’s session!

Trainees have a limit of three grammar strikes, after three strikes you must kick them from the server.

When the trainee passes, bring them back to the lobby :ff them and teleport them to one of the lines to be ranked!