Westshore City Feedback

Hey, guy’s we are working on a survival pvp game where you can build a base pvp and work. We have put loads of hours into the game and we want you suggestions. We have foucesd on making every device on Roblox platform to be support but VR and Xbox.


I really like how you incorporated 4 pictures in your game in one thumbnail :+1:

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I feel like the UI Design for selecting servers could have a bit of a make over, so far I like it though!

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Thanks, for that we have been trying to improve gameplay and how everything looks.

Alright, thanks for your suggestion what do you think we should do to the selecting server to improve?

It’s a bit hard for me to explain so I will make something quick for an example

( this is a bit of a rough example of what you could do, i did this in like 10 minutes.)

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I have it set up like this so if you click on a server to start, you don’t have to add a cancel button. Instead, you just select a different server in the server list. I didn’t add any there of course but you could probably see what I mean. And from a player perspective, the UI is a bit of an eyesore which is why I added two separate frames, one where you see the server information, and the other where all the servers are found on the list to pick.

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Alright, thanks. I’ll add it into our loading servers once we fix up some stuff and other UI problems.

Hey, I really like your game and I can tell that you spent a lot of time on it but I have a few suggestions.

When I tried to join a server, the loading time was 1-2 minutes which could be problematic as people may leave before giving your game a chance. I’m not sure the reason why there needs to be a server selection screen as Roblox already optimises servers and you can join your friends through that although I might just be missing the point.

I think the scripting and core mechanics of the game are great but the building lets it down a bit. I think changing some of the textures, especially if they are the default Roblox ones to more realistic materials might be an improvement. I also didn’t particularly like the thickness/distance of the fog and the brightness needs to be increased slightly.

Keep in mind I don’t play this genre often so I don’t have many reference points. Overall, I think your game is good but just needs the last polishing touch.

Hey, thanks for the suggestions the loading time takes that long as there is a lot of resuorces Roblox needs to load and because we are going to add PVP and PVE Servers. You can change the fog in the game settings on the top next to the invite button. We are changing things very slowly as we just got more members on our team. Overall I’m happy that you have given me some comments.