What’s the optimum amount of players to have in your game?

Hi! I’m currently working on my first ever game and am wondering how many players I should allow to play at once on a server. The game I am making is a simulator game since it’s a pretty easy genre to do which I chose since it’s my first time scripting. Currently I’m thinking of doing 24 players but I feel like that’s too low. I’d like for the players to be able to socialize while playing but don’t know if that’s a good number of players. Do you guys have any thoughts on what it is? Thanks in advance.


if you want players to socialise while playing the game itself, I suggest going for 30-50 max.

i do 5 - 30 just because over 30 is flipping chaotic in the chat, unless you had a wide open map and bubble chat on and normal chat disabled.

So for most simulator games, the amount of players is 10, so if you wanna be like them then set it to 10

it also depends on the size of the map. If it’s a small map, you shouldn’t crowd 50 players into it.

Depends on how big your game is or how much your game can take.

Jailbreak has a server limit of 26 players while Bloxburg has a limit of 12. Other games may vary from that.

The point is, you should do testing first. So, once you finish making your game, get your friends to test it out and see how much it can take. There is a unofficial discord server for anybody to let people test their game(I can’t remember what it’s called). By testing out your game, not only can your friends, or whoever you choose to test your game give you feedback, they can also provide a list of bug reports, suggestions etc.

I’d recommend you pick a value you think would work (24 is fine) and adjust based on how well it works.
You’ll have to consider how crowded the map is, how full the chat is (simulators tend to have more chat), and how much lag you get.
I assume adjusting the amount of players is easy for your game. In my game Rocket Tester I have a separate base for each player so adjusting the player count would be much harder.