What’s the perfect size for an indoor lobby


I need help deciding what’s the perfect size for an indoor lobby. The theme is bunker.

What will be in the bunker

  • Map Vote

Any ideas will help👍


There is no perfect size for a lobby. It depends on your own personal preference… Since lobbies are intended to host a certain amount of people, accord the lobby’s size to how many people are supposed to be in the server.
Bunkers tend to be smaller so if you wanna make it so that you can host (lets say your game holds 20 players per server) 20 people but not much more than that
Most lobbies are spacious but again… personal preference.
Hope this vague answer helped

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Like Luxorz said, there isin’t a perfect size. It depends on you and how many people can join the game. Like 30, they have to be a little big, so it isin’t so cramped and people can explore the lobby. So, it just depends on you. I hope this helped.

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I agree with the previous responses. Factor in maximum capacity and also how long the lobby may be used for. The longer players need to wait before entering the game, the more things the lobby should have to keep players occupied and attentive to your game. This probably won’t be an issue is the only usage is for map voting, however if players are eliminated in any way, I would consider the game time.

The size should also depend on how many time people spend in your lobby.

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