What’s the point of RunService?

I know a lot of creations use RunService, but I have no use for it besides making fps counters. Is there any other use for it? I want to know so I can expand my knowledge. Like I know it can be used in slider guis or progression bars (like tower of hell) but I just don’t know why or how. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks.

There’s actually a lot of uses for it, and I’ve had to use it in all of my projects. FPS counters are 1 use case, and here are some more:

  • Custom camera - Must be updated every RenderStepped
  • Code that runs every frame - Runs on each Heartbeat


The code above updates the rotation of a UI gradient every frame.

Usually you wouldn’t use this on either


What are some things you have made with these? (besides what you have provided)

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It’s not a matter of “When can I use X?”, it’s actually more of “What are solutions to the issue or feature I want to add?”


Just some extra info - RunService can also be used to get some extra info on where and how the game is running. Examples include RunService:IsStudio(), RunService:IsClient(), RunService:IsServer(), and more.

You can also pause, stop, and run the literal game itself (in studio only, with plugins by the way) using RunService:Pause(), RunService:Stop(), and RunService:Run().

You can find everything RunService does in its documentation, if you scroll down and look at all its methods, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

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