What a lobby should include in?

Hello, I am kacper532 and I coming with a simple question: what a lobby should include in? Don’t write only anything about GUIs. I have tried some ideas but only I imagined is shops. Any ideas? Also thank you. This may aswell help future developers.


Depends on the game you are working on, could you describe it to us quickly?


Well it all depends on the game like @Royal_X5 said. But a typical lobby normally has a player leaderboard , shops, maybe some mini games to keep players entertained while they wait for a new round to start.


Lobbys are boring so I guess just something to keep the player engaged long enough to not leave before even joining.


Well, you do need shops you as well need a place they spawn the lobby needs to have something where players would stay on your game like a obby or some stuff hidden around the map.


What lobby do you want?

Is it a lobby for a Sci-Fi Military? An obby game?

Your lobby should reflect the overall theme of your game.

A lobby I built for a Sci-Fi Military Group.


Balls that roll around and change color when touched. They can look pretty nice if you use the ForceField texture on them, too.


I’m working on a game too, and basically, i already created a temporary lobby. And what i can say is that you can do this things:

-Make the lobby a bit small: In a big lobby, it’s hard to walk from A point to B point. Since it’s far, you can make smaller lobbies and don’t abuse too much with the size of the room (Like Flood Escape lobby which was very big, and in the sequel it was smaller) , but if you still prefeer a big lobby you can use Conveyors like Plates of Fate - Mayhem.

-Add stuff to interact: You can add stuff to interact like this: (An example) There’s an apple in the floor, you can talk with it and he will say Don’t eat me! and you can choose if you want eat him or not.

-Add parkour and that stuff: If your lobby has rounds like Epic Minigames, you should add stuff to have fun, like a pool, minigames, parkour, etc. So players can’t be bored.

Some stuff that i thought about, you need more? then you are free to ping me.


Xp bar, Health Bar, buildings, songs, shops & etc…


This is very dependant on the type of game you are making and what use case you have for the lobby in your game. Do you expect players to stay in the lobby for long periods of time? Do expect players to only stay in the lobby for short amounts of time maybe between rounds?

In general if you are making a game where players aren’t in the lobby for much time you want to keep them engaged for short amounts of time. This means you shouldn’t be looking to overwhelm the player with lots of stuff to do because otherwise players will find being in the lobby more fun than actually playing the game. Instead you should only be looking to include the essential stuff like shops, leaderboards and maybe a short obby if players are board. I would be looking to keep these things close together in this situation because players aren’t expected to spend much time in the lobby. Just making your lobby look appealing could keep players interested for short amounts of time.

However if your game requires players to be in the lobby for long periods of time you need enough content in there to keep players engaged. This doesn’t mean you should put multiple obbys everywhere because this could give out the wrong impression about your game. Instead you should still include the essential stuff for your game but maybe require players to walk a bit further to get to these things. Maybe make your lobby bigger so players can explore a little bit. Maybe you could add some extra things like little quests to do around the lobby for a small reward.

Things to think about when deciding to put things in lobbys:

  • What role does my lobby play in my game?
  • How long do you expect the average player to be in there for?
  • What does my lobby need to have to make my game function? This could include shops and leaderboards.
  • Does what I am putting in my lobby feel out of place?

thanks for answering @waterrunner, @Super_GamerLoko, @Conejin_Alt, @Rietria, @Lv100DominusUltimus, @DevNetCheese, @unvexed, @Turtlepla, @Royal_X5. I want my lobby to be little bit smiliar to Epic Minigames. My game can’t be exactly matched into any of roblox types, whereas I will not write here exact game idea, because someone faster can steel it. I hope it will help you. Also, here is my lobby


I can’t see very good by the sun rays (It hurts lol) but you can add shop stands, fences, a pool maybe? A cave i think, also you can add decoration in the mountains, such as people celebrating, campfires and tents (in lobby and mountains), and the biggest thing: The game logo, maybe floating in the sky or in the mountains, or maybe in the mountain.

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Yet you won’t see since there is not much! I definitely promise when I’ll add stuff, not changing rays, map still will be visible.

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Like many have said, it depends on what the lobby is for. In general, I would say a small obby or obstacle course which a player gets a reward for once completed, nothing massive but it will keep the player in-game and active whilst they are waiting. You could have shops, a big mistake some lobbys make is, making them too big. If you make the lobby too big, it looks empty as well as takes the player ages to get around this often disengages players. Hope this helps.

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Blockplex has a really great lobby that I’d recommend checking out. There are pictures on their Twitter

Np, :smiley:
20 letters limit…

If you want i can help you to build :slight_smile:


  • Always have a spot on theme, this gives it overall the first look to the game. No one wants to join a game in a box that the game had seemed to be about Christmas minigames or something, you should always plan it out first.

  • Always ask for further improvement, don’t finish something and eventually say it is complete. You should proceed to ask for feedback, this will 100% hopefully fix small mistakes, give the build a overall improvement and may improve building skills.

  • I highly suggest using a low-poly themed lobby, it is common to find these in the trending game lists. It is something everyone loves. In all means, feel free to try other things out.


  • Always have a leaderboard for the best of the best, this could include top wins, top kills, top points, top coins, most active, etc.

  • Having something to do is always fun, having an update for quests could attract players to come back repeatedly to achieve those items or object.

  • Having map selections is suggested, this does depend on what game you are producing. This could be simple plates or a GUI that allows players to select what game or map they would like next to be played.

  • Having parkours or spleef minigames in the lobby allows players to explore and enjoy time spent within the lobby without getting bored or annoyed by waiting for the game to finish or begin.


Whatever you want. This is the most simple way to answer a question like this and the best idea. Your game, your world, your imagination. From a water slide to a small minigame map inside the lobby before starting. What makes it unique is yourself. Simple and original ideas are what make lobbies boring. Make a good concept idea out of your imagination.

Thank you so much for offer but I need to do it only by myself. I want to create lobby for my very first game to prove to myself I can name myself a builder/developer and I can build.

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