What about 3D Ad Portals?

3D Ad Portals:

I am curious about building my own custom 3d Ad Portals.

  • Can I design anything I like?
  • How about size, dimensions?
  • Are there any guidelines, or templates?
  • Different Ad Portals, categories, etc.
  • Can my Ad Portals be meshes using Surface Appearance, or are only Roblox Parts allowed?
  • Can I have animated objects in front of my Ad?
  • Can I have interactive content like audio/video that is clickable for an intro before a player enters my portal or gate?

Thx for more detailed information on that.


To my knowledge you cannot make custom ad portals. I mean if this was a thing developers would use this aready.

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I’ve seen games have custom portals before but those were pretty popular so I think it goes more about the regulation of the portals if they have been adjusted by a developer and not reviewed by a admin I think you do not get any payment.

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