What admin commands in your opinion are the best?

Hello, for my game I need admin commands, I need the best.
Also I would like to hear your opinions on why certain admin commands pack is better than another.

hd admin becuz it has troll commands


Thanks for the respond.
Aren’t HD’s troll commands included in the paid version?

there was a paid version?


Hi there,

I actually have a DevForum post on this.

Check this post and check out the section 5. | Self-Scripted or Open-Source Moderation system?

There are some admin systems that you can use as well as some other resources, but in my personal opinion, you should use Cmdr [advanced], but it depends on your game type really.

Generally, you can look up some admin systems stated in that post and see which one catches your interest the most.

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Thanks for the response.
Your post really helped me, I found there what I wanted. It is very informative, thanks.

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You could try scripting them by yourself it could be useful

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Yes, it may be useful for programmers, but I do not study to be a programmer.