What application you guys use to make in game icon?

hello! Im trying to make in game icon for gui such as inventory ,shop ,etc. But I have no idea what app that can create it easily

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If you want something good you should use photoshop, however, photoshop costs money. A alternative free option is getpaint.net which is also pretty good.

I prefer photoshop but it costs money if you don’t want to buy that you can get it for free but that’s a lot of work I would recommend you to use Photopea: photopea.com if you don’t understand there are a lot of tutorials on it on YouTube

Hope this helps.

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Photoshop is very good for game icons but it dose cost money. Like he said use photopea.com i have photoshop but for some reason i find photopea alot more easy to use then normal photoshop (thats just me tho)

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There are many free applications that produce similar designs If you consider getting the payed option programs.

Any software can design gui easily, just with enough practice as they have variety of application such as the common choices gimp and paint net - inkscape ect. They provide similar techniques in both programs you could still achieve those quality game icons/ UI, you just have to learn the software and basics of it consider finding one that feels comfortable to you. Refer to previous threads that includes majority of information;