What applications are best for making 2D Logos and Icons?

Recently I’ve wanted to start getting into 2 Dimensional graphics design that way I can make Logos, Game Icons, and User Interface for Roblox. A lot of recommendations I’ve been getting from others is to use Paint.net, however, I am a Mac user.

Does anyone have any recommendations for applications that would help with 2D Graphic Design, Mac friendly, and preferably not too expensive? (Free applications would be great!)

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Your best bet is to go with the Adobe suite. Adobe offers great programs, including Adobe Illustrator, through a subscription based service. Adobe Illustrator is a program widely used in the graphic design industry. It may be tricky at least first to get a grasp of but there are plenty of online resources such as SkillShare or even tutorials on YouTube.
Also, Photoshop is also a major step up from PDN and is included in the Adobe suite. You can do a lot more within Photoshop over PDN including photo editing which is perfect for game icons and thumbnails.


If you are looking for a free software that is high quality, I’d suggest Medibang Paint. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it’s been helpful for all creative things I’ve done such as drawing, GFX and clothing.
There are plenty of brushes and tools and it’s overall a really high quality free software. Highly recommend it.
-Emma :slight_smile: