What are api keys and “sensitive keys”

I saw a post talking about why people did not want roblox to look at there code and I saw one post talking about api keys and sensitive keys and was wondering what are they? I’m also a learning scripter.


External services may require you to use an API key to use their web API. For example, Discord requires you to use a bot token associated with an actual Discord account in order to use a bot account.

Using an API key, the service can either penalize/charge (depending on the service) you based on the number of requests you make or make sure people are paying for an API key to use their service.

With someone’s API key, you’ll either get access to their data (in the case of services like Trello or Discord) or be able to get them in trouble for API abuse (in the case of many other services).


An api key is a key that is used by an external service such as trello inorder to communicate with that service from Roblox. It gives anyone with that key the ability to log into your account and do anything on your account that the API allows (which for trello could be deleting boards, comments, cards, lists, creating them, etc). It’s often found in application centers for logging applications to trello.


Thanks but how do I use them?

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They’re associated with a web API, generally. It might be a part of an HTTP request’s headers, or part of a query string directly. Either way, you’ll be using RequestAsync on Roblox.


API Keys (“Sensitive Keys”) are not built into Roblox by default. The average user probably won’t need to use them at all by default for scripting, however they are used for External Services like Trello and some other Web APIs. The use case for API keys really depends on what you want to do and these services provide guides on how to use them.

Usually in a Script, when using API Keys, you pass them as a Header in a HTTP Request using HTTPService. As the above response goes into more detail on that I wont. Usually you won’t come across API Keys by default on Roblox and when you do, they aren’t a problem.

Ok say I want to use it for Trello to make a ban list how would I do that

Some other Roblox Users have already created great API’s and Interfaces for using Trello. Creating a Ban List can be made really simple using these, I’d advise you check out this great API posted on the DevForum which could help you, if you need any support using it please feel free to message me so I can give you more detailed advice.


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You can make requests to different endpoints at https://api.trello.com/ depending on what exactly you’re trying to do. The REST API is documented here and an intro tutorial is here on their website. (Atlassian is just the company that owns Trello.) You can use a wrapper like Friz suggested, but interacting directly with the API often gives you more control.