What are CorePackages?

Hello DevForum.
Recently, Studio has an extra service that has accompanied the regular services in the explorer.
I’m wondering what CorePackages are used for and how I could use them in a game. As of now, I have absolutely no clue why this has appeared, nor what CorePackages are used for. I have seen no posts about them and I’m getting curious if this is a beta-only feature or not.



According to the DevHub page:

Then that begs the question, what is a CoreScript? Again, the DevHub on CoreScripts:

Another core item! What is a CoreGui? DevHub:

In summary, CorePackages is just a collection of modules that Roblox uses internally for Studio and the core of Roblox games. They’ve been there for a long time, but were hidden until recently.


Thanks for the response.
I had read up on the DevHub article, but I still fail to understand what the purpose of the service is if, as the DevHub puts it:

A CoreScript is a special type of script, that cannot be edited or ran by normal users.

Wouldn’t this mean the service is virtually useless for a ROBLOX developer?
You can’t do anything with the scripts on show, as far as I’m aware, so I’m wondering why it is that this service is visible now. Is there some use developers can make from the service?

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Yes and no. It’s more-so a reference. It allows us to see how Roblox does things. In other words, it’s a wealth of learning material to see how certain things actually work, which is pretty cool. So if anyone is ever interested in how some core system works, they can actually see the code.

That also becomes useful when you want to imitate or override a Roblox-provided feature (such as the leaderboard). It could help people get a sense of direction in regard to how such a feature could be custom built.


How can we keep it hidden like how it was before?


I looked in Studio settings. Looks like there’s a toggle for it.
Where else would you find a toggle?