What are good door dimensions?

Hello people!

I just want to ask what are good door dimensions when building?
I’m talking normal doors, like the doors around your house/ apartment.

I’ve been trying 5x7 studs as a dimension. I kind of feel like it is a little bit too wide.
2020-04-24 (2)

Let me know your dimensions for doors. :slightly_smiling_face:

My advice is to make them what looks right to you. They don’t have to give clearance to the arms - they don’t collide.

Nobody will mind them touching the wall as you go through, as that could happen with a wider door if you walk through it near the edge anyway.

What i use. 0.05, 6.731, 4.6. Though be sure to add a door frame!

It depends on if you’re using rthro or not; I personaly have an rthro costume thats about twice the size of a normal player and one thats half the size, and I doubt im the only one. 5x7 looks reasonable for a roblox character from that image if you are just using r6.