What are good ui design and what theme is popular

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    I’m currently working on a new ui system for my game
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    Now is my question what are good ui design
    My current ui design for my obby
  • Theme stroke, background, title and icons colors for an obby
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1 thing would be not to include useless widgets like your name or the date.

I’m assuming that the icons with no images on are just placeholders at the moment, but maybe stick to 1 colour scheme throughout your UIs. I see red, cyan and purple all mixed together, and it looks really messy.

Maybe go for a “less is more” type of layout. As for the Coins and Stage stats, you should just merge them into 1 item instead of using 2 separate text boxes. They look kind of awkward right now.

Ye I have on this moment not a good painting program because I’m use now windows 11 but the images come later

But therefore I ask what are a good theme to use for the background border title and images.

If you want to make red your main theme, I would go for a softer shade, preferably with the background of the buttons transparent to show the main background.

Ok but what are good theme tot each ui objects and Wich popular

  • Ui stroke

  • Background can with gradient

  • Tittle bar

  • Transperancy using

  • Color.

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  • UI Stroke (You can make a script such that is appears when a player hovers over it, but make sure your colours match.)
  • Background with gradients (You can do this, just make sure not to overuse it.)
  • Title Bar (What do you mean by this? Is it like the game title as part of the UI above screen?)
  • Transparency (Sure, especially with the button’s background.)
  • Colour (You will need to decide that on your own. There’s no “popular” colour.)

I think the best thing to do here would be to focus on colour matching first. For example, if you are going to red, stick to using red and maybe 1 other colour. If you can sort this out first, then you can focus on making popular UI themes.

I mean with titel a sort Banner-like thing with the name from the current frsme

But must then everything red or can I do red and orange then orange for stroke from frame and different reds

Can you perhaps do a sketch to show what you mean by this, or rephrase?

Everything doesn’t need to be red, you can search up on what matches with red (orange works too), so I suppose you can do what you said here.

Sorry for the late response but the docks where not scanned in I must wait for it but here is a sketch from what I mean and some new ui design

I mean that title thing above

Oh, I’m not sure if people place little banners on the top of their screen.

Perhaps only place it at the start of the game?

Adding a very obstructive watermark here is definitely not needed.

  1. It makes the actual content extremely hard to see.
  2. I guarantee nobody will steal your five minute sketch of an imaginary ui…
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