What are good ways to learn VFX

Hello, I am looking to learn how to make vfx on roblox. However I cannot find many people who seem to know how to make them on YouTube or there are just very limited people who can make them.

Are there any YouTube videos including how to make vfx from blender or just vfx packs to help me get started. I would appreciate some help as I am quite interested in learning.

Some VFX examples (Not mine just examples of VFX):


You could do it where you use CFrame via scripting to animate each part movement, or use particle generators by changing what the particle looks like and then changing the speed, rotation, velocity, and other stuff that effects how the particle moves when generated. Those are the only 2 ways I can think of and the only two ways I know, although I know there are more ways.

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There was a thread about this before please search before creating a thread this has been posted and answered already regarding recently.

This is mostly made in blender using different modifiers, it’ll take practice and learning to get the hang of making visual effects or particles however it isn’t a overnight process.

If your wanting to strive into making different effects the ones you showed above are mainly created using a cylinder and different modifiers if your wanting to accomplish this in a 3D software you’ll need to learn the curve around blender and the software itself.

At the start you may have a few errors and problems, it’s always good to learn before striving into creating effects first learn the software and get comfortable with the software it’s basically practice and you’ll be able to achieve something like this.

I won’t go into detail since there are already threads that have been created, i would recommend going to the “Blender Forum” for questions - problems since there’s tutorials and resources for getting started: