How can I learn VFX and Particles?

I don’t know much about VFX and Particles, but since I’m a modeler as well, I could make some basic VFX, but I never get the result commonly used, like these such called “Anime” styles, like these:

When comes to visual effects, either in blender or roblox, It’s a bit complicated, I don’t know what to do, some people say that it’s the modifiers that you use, and I see people using bunch of those. In the end it looks very complicated to learn and understand. I hope you guys help me, thank you.


All of those visual effects aren’t made by me!


Like the effects but I’m not too familiar with VFX but from the looks of it you’re doing good!

I said “All of those visual effects aren’t made by me!”

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Didn’t scroll down my bad. Well blender VFX are hard to make if you don’t know how to use blender. I prefer to use blender 2.79 instead of the new blender since they changed a lot around after the big update.

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You need a few months of experience for that.

VFX takes time and practice to create, it’s not a 1 step job.

Those look like effects from valorant, games like Valorant have professional VFX designers.


Why do they look so simple, but they are so hard?! Do you know at least an easy way to do VFX? Most of the VFX tutorials are from the old blender, as well contain a lot of modifiers…

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This is most likely done in a 3D software you could import this effect into Roblox studio to get a good overall result it’ll take time to learn the process of getting a perfect visual effect. But it’s kind of simple I’m assuming it’s just a mesh with different modifiers implemented to achieve those effects. What version of blender are you using 2.8 or 2.79?

It really depends on what particles your trying to make if your making the ones you showed as example it’s mainly a sphere or a cylinder and different modifiers mainly focusing on the tornado effect it seems to have a tone of modifiers.

However, whether your going for a simplicity effect this could be just achieved by using a mesh with other modifiers, it’s not really complicated or hard at the start but if you learn the software and keep practicing you’ll be able to achieve something like this.

I just recommend experimenting with the modifiers to see what you can create. I would try going to the blender forum since you’ll find a lot of tutorials and resources to getting started: you could even ask questions on things your stuck at.


I’m using 2.8, I like it better than 2.79 honestly.

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Either version is good for getting started in creating visual effects since your using Blender 2.8, it may been hard at the start, it just takes practice and learning if you think it’s too hard to accomplish I would recommend searching and finding different sources that’ll help you along the process. As when you get more advanced, you’ll find it becomes easier since you learned the software and different techniques.

Just pick a simple visual effect, something to start with or the effects you enjoy and know what suits your liking, and use that knowledge and tips to create different particle effects I’m currently learning so it’s good to tackle it now if you’re interested in learning to create these different effects.

Look around the (Blender forum) since there’s a lot of resources and tutorials on getting started even ask questions on where should i start. :slight_smile:


is it possible to make anime style vfx with blender 2.79? i have tried it but the problem is that blender 2.79 doest have threshold on the mask modifier.