What Are Instances, Assets, and Decals?

What in the world is an instance, asset and a decal because I hear it like everyday. Thanks a lot! :wave:

Why don’t you just read the developer.roblox.com instead?

Instance literally just means objects, it could be a part, a script, a tool, or basically anything. except services.

Assets are stuffs that can be imported into the game if the object is unable to be inserted in Roblox Studio. Assets such as a picture, a 3D object, audios and more are examples of it.

Decals mean pictures, just an ordinary pictures.

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Where did you get this from? Services are definitely instances.

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But I read the hub saying that some services can’t be created using Instance.new()?

That is correct, no service can be created using that constructor. But that doesn’t make it not an instance.

Right, thanks for information.

Someone told me that everything you see in the workspace and everything you see in the explorer is an Instance??

Yes. They are an Instance. They are correct.

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An Instance is any object, Part, Script, anything in the Explorer. An asset is a decal/model/hat/anything like that. A decal is an image you put onto a part.

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