What are must have features for every roleplay game?

What are some core features every roleplay game includes? Like do most rp games have one big thing that attracts lots of players?

I don’t know if I’m making much sense but any help is appreciated.

Maximise interaction as that makes rp games a lot more enjoyable for me, like little things like open door and cabinet animations just make a game look really good and worthwhile your time.

But you also want a big community that constantly play the game so use advertisements as much as you can. Since joining a game and having barely anyone on the server is really boring.

For kids, lots of cartoon elements (gui) the more, the better ( the game itself,bruh)

For some reason, pets attract a lot of kids, as far as I can see, check out the pet simulator X, for example lol

The gameplay must be able to interact with other people in some way, or in some unique way.

the world should be decent ( sometimes people won’t return to your game if the graphics of the world is kinda hard to travel, and full of weird structures that are kinda hard to identify )
(that’s why for kids is better a direct world, keep it simple and clear without TOO many information( alot ++++++++ )

Information is different from making the world look pretty and smooth

Informations can be : 500 structures in a single ambient, like a game/showcase of an city or some really complex words and weird Textlabels that are kinda hard to identify

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll be sure to implement this into my project

Yeah, I know kid especially love interaction. I’ve kept that in mind a LOT while building my game

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