What are RemoteEvents and how/when do I use it?

Honestly, I am very confused what these things are. I tried reading Roblox’s main Wiki but I do not understand anything either.

Can someone explain what is it and how do I use it?
And if I am not bothering, when to use it?

I really want to know, I am new to Roblox coding so I don’t really know what I am doing.

RemoteEvents are used to fire events between the server and the client. The client cannot communicate with the server and vice-versa using mere scripts, as the client cannot access its contents. Thus, Remotes are used.

They are placed in ReplicatedStorage, where both the server and client can access the contents. You can use it to fire certain events when you need it. For example, when a button in a client is pressed, send the server a request (Fire the RemoteEvent) for it to send everyone a message.

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Thanks, I understood now.
they are used for client and server, so they can communicate to each other.

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