What are robloxes standards?

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I have been making an rpg game and I dont really like the block style as it doesnt really suit my style of building. So I go with a humanoid type of character with no intentions of going against the guideline but my model keeps getting deleted from the developers at roblox and I understand that they obviously dont know that everyone has the best intention but its become quite frustrating coming off or while doing something only to see that my model has been deleted so I want to ask what robloxes standards for making humanoid bodies are?


This should be in a help & support category.
Please change that, and can you show us the humanoid model you’re attempting to upload?


sorry but how do i change it to help and support?

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Push the edit (pencil) button at the bottom of the post.
Click this box:

And change it to a help & feedback category such as platform usage support.

If you can’t do that, delete this post, and post it again in a correct category.

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Roblox’s guidelines can be found at their Community Standards page. If that does not answer your question, please show the humanoid model you’re trying to upload and any warnings you received and I can try to help further.


sorry im trying to load it right now


I had to take a photo on my phone cause print screen isnt working but this is it without the pbr

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And its not a poly or tri count issue

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The two thing i can think of, are either that the clothing is too revealing, or that the body shape is not appropriate for Roblox. I’m very sure it’s the latter. It will likely have to be a less realistic and more cartoony shape/appearance for a better chance of uploading.


But at the same time my old model is accepted plus Ive seen more hyperbolic bodytypes on roblox

It’s very likely due to the body type as roblox does not allow that kind of body type sadly. you might either

  1. have to stick with male models
  2. tone down the body type to make it more cartoony

Took me a while but I had to completely remodel and it looks better now anyways thank you all guys :pray::pray:


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