What are some game genres that I could work on to learn some extra skills?

For most of my development career, which has been pretty long but not as fruitful as I hoped, I’ve been involved in making one sort of game genre: tycoons.

I do pretty ok off my main project, but I basically have all my eggs in one basket. I’d say I’m an average programmer, I’m not super advanced and I’ve never used the more orderly programming etiquette such as OOP, and I’d say I suck at making vehicles ground up. I’ve also never really worked with camera manipulation either.

I used to build, but my building style has definitely not progressed past the 2014/2015 level and at this point I just outsource my building, either from my developer friends or hiring different, third party contractors, something I’ve been doing since 2015.
Between 2017 and earlier this year, I fell off of constantly deving, but I’m trying to get back into it.

As I am slowly getting back into developing, I have a few. questions
1. What topics should I focus on?
For example, I’ve never created a vehicle from scratch (however I’ve worked and heavily edited numerous other open sourced systems), and I know for many games, OOP and vehicle creation are heavily intertwined. What resources on the Community section, developer site, etc. would be helpful for these and more?

2. What would some game genres/projects that would be useful to expand my skills on?
Right now, tycoons are my thing, but even then, that gets old. However, I’ve seen some newer tycoons come around, like this, where it’s like a Command and Conquer game, while still being a tycoon. Having AI soldiers/vehicles as a core part of my game would certainly be something I’d be interested in,

3. Building
Building was never really my thing, though I’m interested in this building style that games, such as simulators, use.

I’ve talked to some of my builder friends about this, and they said it’s a lot of blender stuff, and if not, a lot of tight rules on colors to use. What would be a good guide to follow when trying t follow this building style?

4. UI Design
When I think about UI, I like keeping it as simple as possible, like this.
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 8.11.55 PM
What program is used to make that, and (pardon my assumption), is most of making things like that putting shapes together in programs like gimp?

5. Motivation
I’ve noticed it’s pretty hard to stay focused on projects, especially when you have a few ideas/games going and it’s obvious that one is doing better than the rest. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused too. How do some of you guys just push through the thick and the thin?

Those are some questions I’ve asked a lot of people to varying degree of detail and content, but I always felt that the answers I got were never as straightforward or as detailed as my questions. I also hope that whatever arises from this topic is helpful to other users as well.

tl;dr: Trying to expand my development skills and knowledge, as I feel like it’s getting pretty dated and too focused on one or two games instead of constantly expanding and experimenting. I’ve listed a few things ranging from individual scripting topics like vehicle (predominately aircraft) creation to general questions about building.


Personally horror games and tycoons have taught me a lot about scripting. It’s the little details in those games that help and not the genre.

Tycoons have definitely helped me expand my knowledge a lot! But I feel like I’ve beat the horse a lot with them, and fundamentally I nee to switch it up, like how Clone Tycoon does.

Hmm. In that case horror games and round based games helped me learn the most.

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Actually currently working on a law enforcement-based one of those with a couple friends. Haven’t been giving it much love since I dedicated almost all my development time this summer to my 2 Player Military Tycoon

Go with a unique genre, I just made a topic yesterday asking what genre would be suitable for new players or intermediates.

I learned a lot from that, just go with what you like. Going with a unique genre goes with a lot of pros which I will list here.

  1. You will learn to be more original in future projects.

  2. You would learn some more skills while you work on the project.

  3. You get to choose what you like and how you want to do something, teaches you to be more independent in the future.

  4. You’ll probably enjoy making it since you chose what you wanted to make.

  5. You have no deadline, you are free to take breaks and always go back on your work.

Unique game styles give you so much opportunities trust me, if you go along with what you want you want.

Also I love 2 Player Military Tycoon, I play it with my younger cousin and we have so many laughs!
Keep up the good work and never give up on what you want to do.


Work on a game like KAT for practice it’s a knife ability testing game. do not release it! But I actually learned from an uncopylocked game and I understood a little. then I made a game like KAT! And I got so good

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I personally learned from anime type games. It requires all types of scripts, and a lot of different types of things.

Magic attacks, custom animations, grinding tools, special character things, and more.

It taught me a lot about module scripts, tables, and uh… A lot more I don’t even remember. (This was for me. In general, I recommend finding your own style and what type of games you like the most. If its a simple concept, expand on the concept until you have something advanced that can get you more skill.

Make a magic fighting game! It teaches you a lot of CFrame and math skills which comes in handy a lot.

This topic should probably be in #discussion but I respect your falling off of being a dev. Sometimes things get hard or boring.

When it gets hard or boring people lose interest, what I do when I begin to feel like I’m “falling off”, is I take a nice 2 day break off. Play with my friends and admire some other roblox games that refuel my drive to finish my games.

I personally switch genres a lot depending on what I want to make. One day, I’m (attempting to make) making a FPS game, while the next, I’m making a showcase-style game. Then I’m making something completely different or returning to one of my other projects. That way, I don’t get tired of a single genre and I learn a lot more of a variety instead of just learning about coding or building related to one genre. Just don’t get carried away like me and get up to 200+ studio files which I’ll probably never look at again.

Also, I totally agree with @fastkingyaya. If you ever need a break, take a day or two off to get more inspiration or to get away from studio, then return later.


I appreciate the love for 2 Player Military Tycoon! It’s definitely (so far) my defining project and I really appreciate hearing compliments (and improvements) to it.

I’m looking at your topic as I speak and I think it will give some good tips to do. I might do a simulator (which imo is just the offspring of tycoons) and see what I can do there.

What references did you utilize the most that gave some good information about module scripts? Right now, I usually stick to server scripts and local scripts, definitely a dated way to go about things.

CFrame for characters? Parts? Etc?

Yeah, my original post was supposed to be solely about scripting knowledge (still mostly is), but I got kinda off topic.
When I fell off for an extended amount of time, I’d say it was more of a personal phase I was going through irl (got me into some trouble lol). Prior to that phase I was doing quite a lot of deving experimentation.

For the FPS game, would you recommend making your own gun system? I have an animation guy who expanded off of an open sourced one I use to include A LOT of extra features, like ADS, individual animations for both client and server models, reload animations paired with the part of the gun, etc. and I think I’d rather take that option to save some time.


I didn’t necessarily say that you should do an FPS, but if you want to, here is my opinion.

I would recommend trying to do stuff on your own so you can learn, but borrowing animations, scripts, and/or models from other people isn’t bad. As long as they are fine with you using their stuff, it’s ok for you to use it.

Yeah. I have a guy who said he’d make custom animations for individual guns, get sounds for them etc. as long as I supplied a model for 3 bucks each. A lot of redundant tasks, done.

I used some tutorials on youtube about module scripts and tables in modules in general, and also the roblox API about module scripts.

The best resource for scripting is probably YouTube and the developer API, as it has information on everything there. Its truly a blessing that we have the API available to browse.


Are there any plugins that would help too?