What are some game ideas that are easy to make but aren't generic?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong topic)

Hi There! I’m a pretty new developer and I wanted to make a game that’s easy but isn’t generic by generic not like your average simulator or obby.

I wanna make something unique to ROBLOX.

Can somebody help me out here?

Thanks Sincerely,

Maybe put this topic in #help-and-feedback and not development discussion.

never mind thanks anyways man!

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Well, can you make an avatar “chooser” where you have a booth and there are your outfits shown on it
People can pick which one is better and stuff

Make an obby but with a catch, like every minute an event happens or something


You shouldn’t make a topic for this, I have made a topic that is exactly the same.

Theses types of ideas are very rare to find so if someone have one he/she won’t give you, he/she’ll use the idea for his/her game.