What are some good aspects about life simulated games

Hello! I am currently creating a game that is a life simulation. I am organizing the slides and here is what I got.

  • customizable house/apartment
  • cars
  • pets( Maybe in an update)
  • jobs
  • character customization
  • you can choose where you can live (small town or big city)

I need more ideas since I am stuck on what should I add to my game. Thank you for reading!

Most of what you have said is suitable, however, I feel that they have all already been done one way or another in other life simulation games such as Bloxburg or Sims 4. What I would recommend to focus on is on travel. Things like taking time out from your jobs to go explore different countries or cities through vacations because the thing about life simulation games are that they can get quite repetitive, doing the same jobs to earn money and get a better house etc.

Yes kind of a good idea. I will take note of this.
Thank you

An in-game economy could be very interesting. Being able to trade cars for cash [or anything] or players being able to pay other players to do things [you could figure out the specifics if you’d like]. Something else that could be interesting is a stock market system. Depending on the day the price for stocks can rise or dip and people could try their luck and invest.

I would like to see a law system, where you can get arrested. It’s something that is not in any game to my knowledge.