What are some good game ideas?

Ok, so I am in need of some game ideas! If you’d like to enter, you may comment below. I will choose 1-3 to be made and give credit to you for the idea!

Comment YOUR username
Comment your idea
Comment how it could work!

This will close after 3 Days!

Genre: Roleplay, Horror or Adventure


Comment here please! Remeber the format.

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i can’t really care about getting credit
one suggestion i could make would be a RTS highly centered around improvised tactics to gain a decisive advantage over your enemies (entrenching, encercling, flanking, cutting supply lines)
certain units can make certain tactics easier or harder to implement (infantry could trench faster, while tanks would move faster and hence encircle/flank better)


(I don’t need to be credited for this)

Firstly, you should know which kind of game you want (e.g. Horror, Adventure, Comedy) to make it easier to look for ideas.

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I don’t have any ideas in those genres right now but you could help with my roleplay game.


Ok, I’ll friend you now! :slight_smile: Thanks.


Any of those genres are good for finding game ideas in. Brainstorm ideas and learn how to make the game creative and unique; Think about what genre you’ll play or enjoy, find something within those ideas and create something that hasn’t been brought on the platform whether it’s from adventure, fps, action, ect.

There are a bunch of ideas that come with generating some ideas, I won’t go into depth since there are already a thousand threads related to (need some game ideas).


do you have any themes for an RTS game, i have been wanting to make one but idk what to base it off of besides a tower defense or a world conquering game

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