What are some good game settings to have?

I’m making a heavy game right now, and I need some good optimization settings for my game. Thoughts?


Use meshes not parts. That will help with some of it.

I mean like settings the player can toggle.

If you use roblox terrain, you can add setting to disable Decorations (3D triangled grass)
You can set some object’s parent to ReplicatedStorage, so they won’t be visible to client and won’t cause lags.
If you have Detailed meshes, you can make another one, not so detailed (Decimate in blender). And in settings you can replace high-quality meshes and low-quality meshes.
If you have day-night cycle, you can make more time per step. For example:

while wait(1) do
--changing time (HighQ)

while wait(5) do
--changing time (LowQ)

Tell us about your game? Or we won’t talk about your game since we don’t even know anything about it except that it’s “heavy” :rofl:

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I meant in general?..

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sadly you cannot disable Decorations Midgame. Unless they have changed that

you can disable grass decoration during playtest.

Try disabling it via a script.

Already tried - it works for me.

must have changed it thats cool

We’ll mute audio and mute chat feature?