What are some ideas for future creations?

I’m planning on making a new game/experience but I don’t know what I should start with. I was thinking of making a hangout place or an obby. What are your suggestions?


A simulator or an obby is a good place to start, simulators typically end up doing you quite well, as long as they are unique and not stolen/free modeled. But, of course you would have to find someone to script it, so in your case, I would suggest obbies, simple and easy and can attract a lot of players if I said as before, it looks unique and different from the rest.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to think about it.


Of course, glad I could comment! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Super sci-fi game like CyberPunk. The player should experience a super realistic experience in the Roblox platform for the first time!


there’s plenty of game ideas lying around that aren’t popular enough to be seen
or was but now it’s forgotten

I don’t really think you should go for very ordinary game ideas (obbies, simulators) because there’s just so many of them, you should try to make your own original idea, or inspire off another game
unless you can really expand off of those ideas and make it creative and interesting, then I don’t really see the point

for what livono said, making a game like cyberpunk could be insanely hard for its detail on builds, scripting, etc, you’d need a huge team for that
so I think you should start with a decent idea, and then expand off of it with your own ideas, but still keeping the main idea of the game

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Thanks for the reply, making a cyberpunk game might be a little difficult to pull off, but I’ll see what I can do.

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Unique obbies are always good games to start off with. Try adding twists to make it enjoyable.


Now that I think about it, an obby sounds too basic to create. I’m gonna try going with a cyberpunk game or something else.