What are some ideas that do not take much effort, but can do well?

Do you have any ideas that take little to no effort, but can still do well? Like a genre or a trend?

There’s none, I’m sorry but there’s none, unless you are making one of this Low-Effort Games that die after less than 2 days there’s nothing

low effort = free model tycoon game amongus

You can make a simulator game or a clicker game it’s really easy to make :+1:

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I think obbies. Obbies usually take a few days to make, and can even be made in one day. Still, you have to add some decorations, extra features to keep your players playing. Good gameplay is also important.

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There is a lot of low-effort game that does not die after less than 2 days, look at most of simulators …

Yes but they aren’t that good, they can’t be even called Games, they are only Clickers
(Which shouldn’t be called a Game)

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You can’t say that when they gather tons of people :sweat_smile:
EDIT : And tons of money !

step 1. go on tiktok or youtube
step 2. see what trend is going around tiktok/youtube
step 3. make a game that has the trend innit
step 4. publish!

Simulators and clickers are easy to make, yes, but they’re more boring. In obbies you can create a lot of variety to make your gameplay actually fun.

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Yes, one time I attempted to create an obby but after like 25 levels I ran out of idea of level …

I think if anyone actually knew an idea, the would just make it.

But there is tons of good ideas, some ideas that took little effort(1-2 weeks) and did exceptionally well could be ragdoll games, ToH remakes or piggy style games like Cho Cho Charles(the Roblox game) or spider, who seems to not need updates to get 12k players(and 1.5 billion visits)

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Not what I meant. What I meant is, something that ISN’T like GTA, but won’t like take years to make

I personally dislike obbies, a LOT, cause they’re boring and don’t add anything new

You didn’t understand my question. You probably thought something like a free model game, or a simulator or somtn. What I meant is, a game that can be completed in a short period of time like one month. Like, a game in which you knock people and NPCs off a map. Does that sound fun? Idk tbh. Or like those ‘get +1 strength every second’ games

Do y’all think that an Escape Room genre game will do well?

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Oh oka when you said in a short period of time o already thought of Low-Effort Games, I think there’s different ideas, a lot, but I don’t. Have any tight Bosc the escape room you’d aid can be good

Yes, but you are only clicking on a screen, Games should be fun, how is that fun?

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Personnaly I like playing these game it’s relaxing idk why but I agree with you said like that it’s a non-sens lol

I think that should be fun, but do you mean like a true escape game ???