What are some of the purposes of the LowerTorso when animating

Basically, I never know when to animate the Lower Torso. I usually only move it when I bend the rig’s legs, but I’ve seen in other animations that the lower torso is rotated for other reasons than just the legs.

The LowerTorso is still a part of the human body, providing realism when animating. If rigged correctly, it can also move the whole character instead of just the legs.

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The LowerTorso can be crucial in emphasizing movements depending on what you’re animating.

If you’re animating a 1.0 avatar, the blocky torso lacks expression due to its clunky nature, plus the additional clipping you’ll get when moving the LowerTorso will look unpolished and won’t fit the 1.0 avatar.

Utilising other body types using the LowerTorso helps direct expression in the use of walking, running and other animations that require emphasised action and expression.

Depending on what you plan on animating, it’s good to consider how expressive you want to have your animations (this can also rely on what you are using to animate, for example, a heavily stylised avatar with extremely emphasised limbs would make use of squash and stretch which gives the animation a more cartoony appearance. Squash and stretch is a great animation tool that can also be used for semi-realistic and realistic animations.)

Hope this helps!

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