What are some ways to trigger a script into working?

What are some ways to trigger a script into working?
I tried making a script to un-disable a script, but it didn’t work. (I did it like this:)

game.Workspace.ThePartWithTheScript.script.disabled = false

So what are some other ways to trigger a script into functioning through a script, and without using an “event”?

(And here is a second question)

Do badge-giver scripts have to be scripts, or can they be a local script?

You can add a value in workspace or wherever you like to.
Then you want to add a script that will say something like


and each time the value is changed the script will run through it’s code

You don’t have to put the value in workspace, you can also put it in a script but it will be different.

Answering your second question, the AwardBadge function must be called from a server-sided script, never a LocalScript.

There is no .disabled property, but there .Disabled, yes capitalisation matters.

This is a perfect implementation for ModuleScripts! Essentially, a ModuleScript is like a script, but it doesn’t run when a server/client is started. Rather, it only starts when a ServerScript/LocalScript require s it, allowing it to run. This is perfect when you want more organization in your code and a more efficient programming structure.

ModuleScripts can also hold all different types of data, including functions, strings, numbers, etc. You can even place events in ModuleScripts!

Say I wanted to run some code after a certain event is fired, I can require a module and call a method/function that will help me achieve that task.

-- ModuleScript
local codeRunner ={}

function codeRunner.RunSomeCode(value)
   -- run code here
   if value == "hello" then
      print("Good day")
   return true -- I can even return values

return codeRunner

-- ServerScript
local codeRunner = require(my.codeRunner.Module)
    local success = codeRunner.RunSomeCode(value.Value)
    if success then
      print("It ran without errors!")

TLDR; essentially a ModuleScript is a script that doesn’t do anything until a script require’s it, or “un-disables” it. It’s great if you want more organization in your code.

There shouldn’t really be a case where you have to Enable/Disable scripts for your game to work properly. That indicates that there is some underlying coding design problem.