What are the Best Plugins to use for an Game Trailer?

Greetings, everyone!

I was wondering, what are the best Roblox Plugins to use, to create a Game Trailer and what should I use to create the Game Trailer too, like what should I use to edit it with and make it a Good Game Trailer. Ones you would see on those popular and famous games on Roblox.


first of all i would recommend making a game trailer in blender as you are free to do a lot of things

and if you need a program to edit the trailer I recommend shoutcut, a free, and very useful video editing tool


One thing that’s really good for trailers is spectator mode which you can access in a playtest (or in-game) with Shift + P. I personally recommend using HitFilm Express to edit the trailer as it is free and can do a lot of things.