What are the best plugins to use in building?

Hello there,
What do you recommend? I’m interested on what other people use for their plugins?


i personally don’t use any, but i heard gapfill is quite good

Yeah. I use gap fill too, I was just wondering if people use any more?

they still do because gap fill really help full for other people and it make the player easy to build and also made

Yeah. I was just wondering if there is any more plugins that are useful.

Use gapfill, F3X or Building V4. These are quite good and, in my opinion, you must use them for professional building.

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I think there one but i don’t know where to get it now and the plugin was bursh tool
it can brush everything using the model you select


That depends what you want to build. I will just provide ones I have.


Stravant - Model Reflect

Stravant - ResizeAlign Fixed

Low Poly Terrain Creator

Wedged terrain

CSG Curve Cutter


Stravant - GapFill & Extrude Fixed

Archimedes Two (v2.4)

Part to Terrain


Okay thanks for the feedback! I will use this in my future projects.

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Thanks ever so much! I will use this in my future projects!

I also heard that before but never tried it.

Hello Developer,

It’s really clever of you to ask, what plugins could be useful to you, for your future builds and projects first.

I personally always use F3X, since I honestly love their tools. Gapfill can be useful for certain stuff, but wedges would do that as well. Gapfill would just be a little bit easier.

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I would recommend searching before posting because there has been a few topics about this if you’re looking for some good plugins to help you with building I would recommend checking out this as they have a lot of plugins that people have suggested and listed down in. These topic has been covered before.


Resize Align is very helpful and in my opinion underrated, but it can feel like cheating a little, because it automatically aligns edges.

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I enjoy using Part to Terrain, Waterfall generator, and ThreeDText. (I use F3X sometimes but I mostly just build with the tools given in studio.)

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