What are the best videos for TikTok?

Greetings! My game, The Avatar Mall is planned to release in a week from now. The game is based around clothing; allowing other groups to advertise their stores for a cheap price.
I am planning on advertising on TikTok, as well as Instagram and Twitter. I have experience with the latter two platforms so know what to do with that, but other than scrolling through TikTok sometimes I am unaware of the trends.
How should I advertise on TikTok? What videos and audios prevail, and most importantly get people interested?

Try to just advertise it in a good ratio. 9:16 is Tiktok’s ratio btw. You don’t need to follow trends, just upload your video to the site and get your hashtags. Try things like #fyp, #viral, #roblox, etc. tags that are relevant to your content. Try to post videos more directed to your audience (Roblox clothing devs, clothing groups, Roblox players, etc.) do things like take a look at #roblox video sounds, things like that. You don’t need to be “hip” and “trendy” all you really have to do is advertise your game effectively.

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