What are the best ways to learn how to script?

I always wanted to make a game designed and scripted 100% by me. But I struggle with learning how to script.
I tried various ways, yet none of them worked:

  • Youtube tutorials. None of them helped because most tutorials are 95% talking and 5% of actualy doing something.
  • Developer hub. The tutorials there are good but I am not interested in making an obby, plus I don’t get to remember all the stuff.

I also have some questions:

  1. Is there any algorythm for scripts? Like can i apply the same script structure to all my ideas?
  2. Will learning the lua language help me apply all my ideas into working scripts? I have lots of good ideas yet i cannot implement them into my game.

Thanks for reading, and help is apreciated! Also i am new to the Devforum, I got the member level today.

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  1. Yes, you can if you wish!
  1. It’s definitly will! To script with example like, a score board that works or more, it’s will help you a lot.

And congratulations on your member level! :happy1:

Now, I would recommand learning from the DevForum, I learned while true do loops with it, functions, variable, the DevForum is my second family.

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Here is what I do when I try to understand a new framework:

  1. Get to know the scripting or programming language first
  2. Read a starter tutorial about scripting on the wiki to get a feel for the game engine
  3. Maybe follow a tutorial. Try to find a good article to start with. You should choose reading above watching videos, since videos generally give you less information to work with.

I recommend to not worry about the aesthetics of your scripts when learning.

Learning Lua is the first thing you should do. The tutorials about Roblox scripting are mostly focused on the game engine itsself, assuming that you already have some starter knowledge about Lua.

There are some good tutorials on scripting on the Developer Hub. Devs usually do not remember much. They just Google a lot.

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The Lua documentation itself is a great tool to learn from if you’re just starting.


I learned most of what I know now by watching AlvinBlox tutorials on YouTube and reading the API Reference. Doing both of those will greatly help you learn lots of things (DataStores, Remote Events, etc.)

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I’m learning through a book on amazon
it’s a little outdated but you’ll learn to refer to youtubers and the devfourm as time goes on
it’s pretty effective if you can stay motivated
I’ll link the book if you want, it’s only a couple bucks!