What are the easiest topics to learn in scripting

I want to learn scripting. I’ve had studio experience for 3 years in building, GUI design, environmental building, and more. Recently I’ve had urges to make a few games but lack experience to do so.

What I’ve tried to do is watch youtube tutorials that go a-z on how to make something. A way I don’t remember information that great. Instead I want to learn more using robloxs coding examples and wiki, along with in depth youtube videos explaining the topics I want to learn.

The reason why I’m doing this is so I can learn faster. From the beginning of learning building 3 years ago, I had so many chances to learn my mistakes faster. Rather than finding out slowly without using the resources I have.

Also I’m doing this to document my journey so I can be better at content creation with graphic animations and educational reasons.

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anyways some of my tips for learning roblox studio:

make a roblox studio baseplate and add/note everything you learn about scripting in there, when you start its hard to have everything memorized and its nice to be able to easily go back on anything you learnt

experimenting is one of the best ways to learn coding (from my experience) and a lot of what I learned came from me just trying different stuff out and learning how to make something, try to figure out how to make some basic games/stuff after you learnt the basics of scripting

start off with a youtube series instead of searching videos about “scripting tutorials”, me personally I started off with TheDevKing’s Beginner Roblox Scripting tutorials.

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