What are the graphics settings on Studio?

So to design the game Im making I want good graphics. When i go into the rendering it says graphics type and you can choose a few like metal. What does that mean?

Secondly, whats auto frm level? Do I make it high or low? For best graphics?

also do I turn mesh cache level high

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I would assume higher is better, but you need to be careful and ensure your computer can handle this. You can turn your cache levels to high, but if you have a lot of meshes you need to remember they will be loaded into your computers memory… so if you don’t have a lot of RAM, it’s probably not a good idea – and it’s likely not to have any major performance impact having it low.

Not sure on graphics type, you really should not have to adjust your rendering settings at all for studio.

FRM is the Framerate Manager as documented here RenderSettings | Roblox Creator Documentation

I just did the Direct3D11 because its 11th gen (Latest one) which I am assuming its the best

Also I am doing this because I want it to be a bit realistic and depending on what project I work on I adjust the render level because some projects are laggy when I make it 21

You should use auto and let Roblox decide which is best to use, these settings don’t really make any adjustments to rendering. If you want to up quality, edit “Quality Level,” and “Edit Quality Level” to 21.

There is no need to do this, in the grand scheme of things it won’t make much of a difference.

quality level has no difference or impact to my game. Is it the game or studio that it impacts?

Studio, but once again – these are not magic solutions to make your game look better… you have to do that your self by making your game.

studio quality level makes a difference, but the quality level (above studio quality level) does no impact to me

Right, but like I said there is really no need to change these settings. Al that really matters if the quality levle.

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Alt + S → rendering → Editro Quality Level → 21