What are the limits of roblox in terms of input devices?

Like keyboards, controllers, touch devices, all that good stuff.
But let’s say i have a usb gyroscope. Can roblox read the sensor data? Do you have to like, “bind” it to something, so to speak? Or is this not possible?

What are the limits?

Edit: I found this, if it helps: KeyCode


The UserInputService documents all types of potential user input which is currently supported by Roblox.

These descriptions are not that descriptive. (No pun intended.) This is for any device right?

Also there is this return value:

Is that still detected but registered as “none”?

If so, i can register this theoritical gyroscope as an input device on my pc and it could read it. I don’t have a gyroscope, but i made a raspberry pin to usb thing as a test usb input device. :smile: Nicest soldering job of my life, complete with dupont heads and a usb housing.

I’m in school so expect late replies.

If an input device is recognised as “Unknown” or in other words unrecognised it’s safe to assume that the UserInputService doesn’t have any properties/functions/events which relate to it.

Right, right. Good point.
If i get home i’ll test it, and if anything comes up i’ll post.

Anyone can reply meanwhile.

Device signals are for mobile. USB gyroscopes are not supported. I do recall a long time ago that Widgeon was able to hack in USB steering wheels by mapping out gamepad input to said wheel but it otherwise couldn’t be done natively because of the lack of support. Relevant:

Yeah, technology can change over time, but support for other input devices is not one of those cases unfortunately - we’d know via an announcement. Roblox only supports pretty basic input devices so that should be the limits you go by; keyboard, mouse, touch, mobile gyroscope and VR.

So… in theory you can hack in support for USB gyroscopes if you remap it to an existing device such that the former effectively emulates the latter but you probably won’t have any luck trying to use UserInputService as-is and be able to use USB gyroscopes on Roblox.

Oh well. It would be cool tho.
When was this announcement btw?

Gyroscope input is specifically for iOS/Android platforms as far as I’m aware

The usb gyroscope was a random analogy. But yeah, i’ve noticed.