What are the values of Sponsoring

Hi there!

I am making an Alien Shooter game in roblox

I’ve been making that game for 1 year nown, and it is about to be finished.

And I have a 40k budget of sponsoring, but I need the values.

There are some small values, and what I mean by Values is this:

I want to see the prices from the smallest ammount to the highest,
If you could send me a screenshot or a link of all the information abou that, it will help me a lot!



I need a reply, who can answer?

I’m not really sure page you’re looking at, but I don’t think there are actual “values” to A, B, and C. I think the A, B, and C are there to help you visualize how your bid amount works.

Since B is twice the cost of C you can expect B to be seen twice as likely as C. Since A is three times as much as B you can expect to see A three times more than B and in effect see A six more times than C.

C = 50 = 50 * 1
B = 100 = 50 * 2
C = 300 = 100 * 3 = 50 * 6

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So, if I pay 600 robux, I get double of C or?

I mean, do I get the double of A*?

Alright let’s back up, I think before you decide to spend so much, you also need to test how good your game is and leave it open to criticism.

And this is how the bid system works:

Instead of bids A, B, and C, there are bids:
and so on and so on… probably hundreds of bids. Devs have put a lot of different bids with a lot of different amounts. So, all of those bids last for 24 hours. The bid that spent the most will be seen the most, and the bid that spent the least will be seen the least. Higher bids get more clicks/ views, lower bids get lower clicks/ views.

When you showed bid “A B and C” that would be if only three devs used the sponsor system, just an example. A would be seen the most because they paid the most.

There is currently no way to check who has a bid going and how much it is going for, however 40,000 is a lot and would get you a lot of players, assuming the game is good.