What are these dots in the middle of parts? (and how do I remove them?)

Ok I might be dumb but I don’t remember these points being here. I might’ve like pressed a keybind or something but I tried searching a way to remove them and all I got back was something about a beta feature for pivot points

(see the middle of selected part)


I’m pretty sure that’s normal. I’ve seen them appear in all of my studio sessions.

Don’t think it is applied via a setting.

No I’m sure that this wasn’t here before now. Like I’m selecting all the parts in a building and I’m 100% sure that I’ve never seen all these dots before

That is called the pivot point. I don’t believe you can remove them, but why would you?

I know it’s the pivot point but I swear they weren’t there even yesterday

They’re just like a pet peeve for me rn

I just looked through studio settings and the View tab for a brief moment. No, you cannot hide the pivot point.

I know what you’re experiencing. The same thing happened to me back in 2019 when the new draggers were forced. I didn’t like them, and I still don’t. And yet we need to live with them. It’s just Roblox being Roblox.