What are these numbers an indicator of?

I’m having so intermittent latency issues in my game and I’m trying to source them.

Heading over to the server side I checked the activity of scripts to see a rate on some of the scripts that is incredibly high


What exactly is this an indicator of? It isn’t very clear.

First of all, the tools that Roblox provides have been known to report false numbers before. This could be a bug.

Assuming they’re correct, however, you’d try to figure out if you’re creating inf loops that you don’t need.

Do you create a loop for each player, or one loop that iterates through all players each time? Things like that can affect those numbers, I think.

First, the anti-cheat server seems to be destructive in CPU, looking on the activity. It appears that the anti-cheat is running on some kind of expensive loop, you might relax it or something in trade of accuracy. Probably will open room for errors.

The rate per second should be ignored for now, because those numbers are lies.