What are tips you have for building?

What are your tips for building? I’m a fairly new builder and I want to know what you use, or what you do to make your building better? I’m not sure if I should be posting this, or even talking about this, and this is my first post, but I’m just asking a question here. Thanks, put your replies in the comments! I’ll be happy to hear what you say!


Hey there! To be completely honest with you, it would be better to watch videos instead of having people to explain it to you in text So the least i can do is give you this and this.

Also, plugins really make the quality of your builds much better and save LOADS of time.

Hope this helped and good luck :+1:

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Thanks for telling me, I’ll be sure to check some videos, and find out about some good plugins. I do have some pretty good plugins like gap fill, but I’m sure there are more!

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This has been talked recently there’s a few topics about this which have a lot of tips and plugins that have been suggested already.

Normally when I start to build or create things you should, find something your most interested in or enjoy such as. Cyberpunk, nature, sci-fi, anything. Try creating some small builds like a detailed chair or table based off a reference image keep experimenting with different styles. Don’t be scared to try new things; try to make things that you’ve never made before. Finally, you should look up a few decent tutorials if there needed.

Once you find a style you’d like to build, think of a image in your head. Try to use images or inspiration from other people’s build, because it may improve your skills.There are also other responses offered above which leaves a lot of tips for becoming a better builder.

This has been discussed. See this thread below.


Thanks. I’m not that new of a builder, but just as a builder this really helps. Thanks again! I will be sure to keep this bookmarked.


Have Patience with your builds
Keep free models to a minimum
Plugins are very useful
Lighting is important
Reference Photos are also very helpful

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