What are viruses and what can they do?

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Hi, I’ve recently been reading up on a few posts related to backdoors and viruses in other creators games and I’m not quite positive on what viruses are and what they can do to your game.

I would like to know the following things about viruses and backdoors:

  1. Can viruses alter and change your game in studio? For example, can it change my scripts and save the changes that it created?

  2. Is there any virus removal scripts/plugins and if so are any of them trusted, safe to use, and work?

  3. If a virus/backdoor does somehow get into your game is it easy or hard to track it down and delete it?

  4. I know that many free models out there contain viruses but how threatening and damaging are they to your place?

  5. If a plugin contains a virus can it do more damage to your game than a script virus inside of a free model?

  6. What are some tips to help protect your game against these viruses and backdoors?

If someone could answer these questions as always would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:


1: Not quite sure.
2: There is some, I’ll link it to you if you want.
3: I think it would be harder.
4: They can edit your place, getting you deleted.
5: Hm. I think they would do it to most of your games, Still not sure.
6: You shouldn’t really use free models, you should make yours.

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  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Hard
  4. Depends if they are roblox Verified
  5. Yes, a lot more
  6. Never use plugins you don’t trust, never use freemodels



Most of the Time,

They have abusive scripts,


Dont use free models, use the explorer tab if there is a script to see what it says.

  1. Viruses in roblox studio are mostly made so they are going to slow down your game servers. It cannot change your scripts but maybe they can delete them.

  2. Yes, there are some anti-virus plugins which scan your roblox studio and check for viruses.

  3. It’s pretty complicated if virus is duplicating it’s scripts while in game. I’d honestly check every part of your workspace and if you find any suspicious script you delete it.

  4. It’s pretty annoying if you get one inside your game since it slows down your game. Players who will join your game will no longer enjoy it if they did before.

  5. Plugins can do more damage in that case since we can create scripts inside plugin editor and we can also edit the piece of code inside of this new script created by a plugin.

  6. I’d recommend not trusting any suspicious plugins, models, etc. Checking for viruses in your game when you feel your game is getting slow while playing it. There are so many plugins on who can help you fix your problem now a days.


Just to verify, I don’t have any viruses in any of my games I was just a bit confused about what they can do.

  1. No they cannot, they will not have access to studio or alter anything.
  2. In scripts i’m pretty sure you can? Don’t know but plugins I don’t think you can remove viruses from them.
  3. It’s hard depending on the problem.
  4. They’re dangerous, they can get ur game deleted by putting bad models into ur game.
  5. Yes, they can.
  6. I suggest you use this plugin, it’s safe: https://www.roblox.com/library/142273772/Ro-Defender-Plugin-v8-7 Also, don’t use untrusted models, plugins, etc. If you want to use free models or plugins for example, check the owner of the plugin before using it. See if they have a sketchy profile or past! Also, check the like to dislike ratio of the free model or plugin.

Also, If a build that you get from the toolbox, see if it has a script, if it does, just delete it.

1 - No, they cannot change your scripts and change them and save the changes.
2 - Yes there are, for example my plugin: GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]
3 - Most of them are pretty easy to track down. All you do is scan for require and/or getfenv and all the backdoors will be detected, no matter if obfuscated or not.
4 - They are super damaging. There are backdoors called ServerSides, which are usually executors that let whitelisted users (that bought them) have access to server sided changes. Saying that, they can do anything, even put NSFW content.
5 - Yes, since plugin code can run inside studio and it can make the script unremovable by mouse.
6 - Just don’t use free models, I know its tempting, but it will help you A LOT because you are learning to make your own and you wont get infected.

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Yes, but YOU have to save the changes.

Yes. A plugin that I use is Server Defender.

The worst they could do is display inappropriate stuff and ruin your place.


Try not to use free models, and check this post to know which plugins are real, and which ones are malicious.


I made a virus remover that will remove any virus that is on the list. This could help https://www.roblox.com/library/8156309371/My-Virus-Remover-v2
Its not a plugin, but it has a quarantine mode, so you can see which viruses it quarantined to delete them manually. If its not on the list then tell me its name and I’ll put it there. A tip for finding viruses is looking in the output.

thank you! this is very useful for people. this will be used a lot from my side, once again, thanks!