What are ways I can improve my renders?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done some rendering, and since I am on break, I decided to give it another try.

What can I improve?
What is the recommended method for rendering w/ Cinema4D?


You should work on your lighting and making it more vivid as well as try some full map renders so its not just a floating character and doesn’t look so generic.

Also why is this in building support O_O


I thought I posted it in Art Design. How do I move it?

You can edit your post and change the category in there, I think. To your post:
Look at this portfolio: I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer
What can you see?

  • There’s much better lighting and highlights
  • An interesting background
  • multiple characters
  • characters are posed well and are not just standing in front of the camera

How should you achieve this?

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube and on here. Try to search for your answers

Good luck!

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Try darker shadows or different colored lights, A.K.A more vivid lighting.

Try and follow the “coffin rule”. This is a rule where, if you put two lines next to your character, does it look like it could be in a coffin? This helps keep your renders full of movement and life. I’m afraid the first and third don’t work using this rule, but your second is somewhat better. If, for some reason, your render must fit the coffin rule (due to being an icon or in a closed space or without a body render) try and add a different expression besides the basic noob face or with unusual slants on hats or accessories if possible.

This is good for just having come back from a hiatus though.

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In my opinion, this is a bit strange and mismatched. Especially the difference between the background and the lighting of the render. You might have to fix that issue.

I’d definately improve the lighting for sure… some parts of the lighting look a bit choppy with some of the darker areas having this weird ‘fuzzy static’ on the render. Most likely there are settings of the program itself that fix the issue or tone the static down a bit.

Besides that the posing for the first render seems a bit stiff; I recommend experimenting with more drastic posing or have the arms do something such as tilting the fedora or have a hand on the hip.Looks good besides those two things

Okay, This won’t be that hard for me to give tips as I do myself use Cinema 4D, Try make use of the Reflection to give it a Glaze Effect, Try using this…

  1. Remove the Default Reflection

  2. Click on Add and Click on GGX

  3. Then locate Layer Fresnel and change the Fresnel to Dielectric

This can give a Good effect to your Characters especially if you want a Sun Effect on the Character!

Hope this was helpful, Good luck! :grinning:

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Thanks! I’ll be giving that a try.