What are you working on currently? (2017)

If you’re talking about the rig interfering with the camera, I’ve already got plans for that.
Apperciate the offer, though.

I’m trying to make my color picker less terrible… So far, so good.

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You forgot to add Comic Sans

It’s happening.
Except I had to shut down the game twice because it kept kicking people and I couldn’t figure out why

More elaboration on what’s going on:

  • New songs
  • Hommarju - Gott (SDVX)
  • Snowman - Junbi Unyou (SDVX4)
  • Kaneko Chiharu - X談 (XDan) (Taiko no Tatsujin)
  • BlackY - Harpuia (SDVX2)
  • Chroma - Black Emperor (SDVX2)
  • P*Light - Gekkou Ranbu (SDVX3)
  • ぺのれり - Preserved Valkyria (SDVX3)
  • Amane (Rolling Contact) - Technical Master (SDVX4)
  • New Charts
  • Angel dust (SHD)
  • 神威 (Kamui) (SHD)
  • Noisy Minority (SHD)
  • Aki Nation (Super)
  • If (Super)
  • New SurfaceGui-based playfield cuts down on some resources
  • Daily Theme Rotation System
  • Sunday - Easier clears, 0.75x Volts/Amps
  • Monday - i forgot
  • Tuesday - Death Mode Available
  • Wednesday - 1.5x Volts
  • Thursday - Generators give 1 better than generator type than usual
  • Friday - 2x Volts/Amps
  • Saturday - 1.5x Amps
  • New difficulty, SHD
  • Name is a reference to the SHD difficulty in EZ2DJ
  • Uses a number of stars instead of a numerical counter, from 1 to 5 stars
  • This is a reference to CHUNITHM’s WORLD’S END difficulty, which used the same count system
  • Anything past 3 stars is considered an ‘overjoy chart’ (not to be taken seriously under normal circumstances)

Players are looking for gameplay yet devs for FPS games make elaborate “frameworks” and animation editors and in the end no game comes out because they are over doing it :frowning:


Making mountains with smooth terrain brushes -> Hours
Making mountains with some points -> Seconds

Work smarter not harder.


Have you worked on creating a Model3 as a mid tear vehicle? Has to be one of my favorite car designs in existence.

Image of a Alpha Tesla Model3:


Tried my hand at FL Studio and oof


I make my mountains in blender and convert to smooth terrain

I’m actually making original designs not really based off anything existing, because you know, copyrights :stuck_out_tongue: .

(Btw I wouldn’t call it an alpha, they just launched production a few days back, yay!)

I know, i’m a huge Tesla supporter :grin: !

Was just referencing the Model3 in the image as an Alpha Car (since it was at the unveiling). Now their entering into the production ramp-up phase.

Mine simply just makes a bunch of triangle parts and then uses @Maximum_ADHD’s triangle to smooth terrain function for the convert part. Is that similar to how you are doing it? Do you have any results to post? Theres similar discussion here: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/smooth-terrain-and-obj-importing/14773

NVM im mistaken, Clone also made a obj importer a long time ago:

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I think he referenced the alpha model because the design looked much better than the actual production model.

No, I meant that you can animate a rig in the workspace and have a clone attached to the camera give you instant feedback as to what it looks like.

Oh, that would be very useful actually.

mo’ masks mo’ moni


Scripting is more my thing - but my first proper attempt at a showcase seems to be going okay.


Yeah I just take a .OBJ file from blender
and draw the vertices with writevoxels

Made a gun.



Almost done with my full renovation of RO-Port Tycoon. It only took about a month of work here-and-there to do just about everything. You can see on my Trello board that my backlog is slowly dwindling.